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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is S.E.O?

S.E.O means (“Search Engine Optimization”). A Marketing Strategy for your site to make it on top of all search engines, and rank higher than the other of your million of competitors. Unluckily there is no quick way to the top. But eGlobalMD can help you make it. We go through this following process.

  1. S.E.O Keyword – this is the heart of your compan’s marketing campaign. We analyze keyword search volumes, look at your competitors and agree what is the best keyword for the optimization of your website.
  2. S.E.O Key Phrases – we implement key phrases to the important parts of your site.

Keyword research – we look at your competitors, analyse keyword search volumes and agree the phrases with you to optimise your website for.

Implement the key phrases throughout your website – on page:

  1. Page friendly URLs
  2. Page titles, Meta Tags, Alt tags, Image tags, Header tags
  3. Internal linking structure and internal links
  4. Include your key phrases in your page content
  5. Creation of google and yahoo site maps

We discuss and engage on an off page campaign, this includes:

  • Linking campaign with specific emphasis on link anchor text
  • In context blog / article comments and submissions

WIn order to measure success we provide the following on a monthly basis:

  • Overview of results and a strategy update meeting
  • Search engine ranking positions (SERPS) for the agreed key phrases.
  • Linking reports
  • Analytic reporting


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